Delia Thumbadoo

Chairperson MWF New Zealand

Delia Thumbadoo formerly comes from a small southern suburb of Durban, an east coast city of South Africa and was raised in a single parent home. Living a life etched and shaped from the confines of an Apartheid South Africa. She then immigrated to Auckland, New Zealand and this is where her passion to support women was birthed. 

Delia has lead teams of people from various backgrounds and cultures, helping impart company vision, values and the importance of team work in driving performance and achieving results; her career in the field of shipping trade and logistics has spanned three decades. She has held several leadership positions in this field in South Africa and New Zealand and is a staunch advocate for customer service; customer delivery and the crucial role of networking, Delia believes these tenets are transferrable and relatable to everyday life in our dealings with people products and services. 

Delia serves as Secretary and Board Member of Women of Worth International, a global organisation that encourages women to work alongside their churches in fostering empowerment through small business enterprises and projects as well as helping spread the gospel.  She is an author who contributes weekly devotionals and her books’ are distributed to various chapters in Africa and have helped spread the Christian faith across the globe.    

She served as a Home Life Group leader in her church, as well as the praise and worship vocalist.



Achivements & Awards

Board Member of Women of Worth International


Life Group Leader